How many Physical Education lessons a week do you have? - We usually have six PE lessons every week. We do a lot of exercises in our gym. When the weather is fine, they take place outside the school., What sport facilities do you have at school? - Our school is very up-to-date. On the ground and on the first floors there are two gyms. We also have two swimming pools in our school., What do you do in your Physical Education lessons? - During our PE lessons we do a lot of exercises, run and jump, play games with a ball and have some simple swimming competitions., What sports do you do regularly? - To tell the truth, I don’t do sports regularly. But I do morning exercises every day. In summer I go swimming to a beautiful canal not far from my house. I like to ride a bike in summer as well., Do you think that winter is a good season for doing sport or not? Why? - Yes, winter is my best season for doing sports. We can ski and skate all day long during our winter holidays., What would you recommend to a teenager who wants to stay fit and healthy? - I would recommend them to do sports regularly: do morning exercises, go jogging in the evenings in any weather, go swimming in summer and skating in winter.,

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