1) Did Harry and Hermione watch a film yesterday? a) Yes, they did. b) No, they don't. c) Yes, they do. 2) When did Darth Vader come? a) He come yesterday. b) He didn't came. c) He came tomorrow. d) He came yesterday. 3) How long did you play Minecraft? a) We don't play. b) We played all evening. c) We play all evening. d) We playing tomorrow. 4) Did she eat the cake made for my dog? a) Yes, she did. b) No, she don't. c) Yes, she does. d) No, she isn't. 5) Did you do your homework? a) No, I am not. b) Yes, we did. c) No, I didn't. d) Yes, she did. 6) Did he know how to play Fortnite? a) No, I didn't. b) No, he didn't. c) Yes, she did. d) No, he isn't. 7) When could she swim? a) She could swim when she was six. b) She didn't swim when she was six. c) She could swam when she was six. 8) Did you ....... the new Spider-man film! a) watched b) watching c) watch d) did 9) Did your aunt ...... horse-riding with you? a) went b) goes c) is going d) go 10) Did your dad ...... his keys? a) find b) found c) finded d) finding




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