1) I haven’t eaten lunch ---. a) ever b) yet c) for 2) The train has --- arrived. a) just b) yet c) since 3) I have known my wife --- twenty years. a) already b) for c) never 4) He hasn't been too well ---. a) never b) just c) lately 5) My friend has --- been to Madrid. a) never b) since c) yet 6) Has your brother left school ---? a) yet b) for c) since 7) He hasn't won a game --- last year. a) just b) since c) lately 8) Have your sister and you --- swum in the ocean? a) ever b) for c) since 9) Barry has --- left the office. a) for b) already c) ever 10) Have you seen any good films ---? a) for b) just c) recently

New Horizons - B1+ - Grammar - Lesson 32 - Practice - Ex. 2


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