1) My great great grandfather --- five sisters. a) had b) has had 2) He --- in Manila for a year when he was a student. a) lived b) has lived 3) Oh no! I --- my wallet! a) lost b) have lost 4) --- Julie today? a) Did you see b) Have you seen 5) Darren --- in Cardiff since 2000. a) lived b) has lived 6) I --- six books this week. a) read b) have read 7) She --- her grandmother last month. a) didn't visit b) hasn't visited 8) The Vandals --- Rome in the year 455. a) invaded b) have invaded 9) She --- in seven different countries, so she knows a lot about different cultures. a) lived b) has lived 10) She --- her leg the day before her exam. a) broke b) has broken 11) When --- Oliver? a) did you see b) have you seen 12) King Henry the Eighth of England --- six wives. a) had b) has had




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