1) David and Sylvia usually ... about which film to go and see. a) reagree b) misagree c) underagree d) overagree e) disagree 2) The author had to ... this book to include an extra chapter. a) rewrite b) miswrite c) underwrite d) overwrite e) diswrite 3) Jane was very busy when rehearsing for the concert - she ... how many rehearsals there would be! a) reestimated b) misestimated c) underestimated d) overestimated e) disestimated 4) Don't ... me - I think the painting is good, I just wouldn't hang it in my living room! a) reunderstand b) misunderstand c) understand d) overunderstand e) disunderstand 5) They ... us in the restaurant but they quickly realised and gave us some money back. a) recharged b) mischarged c) undercharged d) overcharged e) discharged 6) Directors often ... old film classics such as The War of the Worlds. a) remake b) mismake c) undermake d) overmake e) dismake




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