There are a lot of ____ in Turkey. A lot of Muslims go there. We visited an amazing ____ in China. You don't need a lot of ____. A chair or armchair is enough. - How are you?- I don't have much ____, I'm afraid. The fridge uses a lot of ____ which is very bad. The pizza is brilliant! Can I have ____ slice, please? My sister has two cats. ____ of them are lovely! ____ my friends listen to rap but I don't like it. One of my cousins can dance well and the ____ one can sing beautifully. I don't usually have ____ homework at school. Ther are ____ books on my bookshelf. There aren't ____ students in the classroom. My sister enjoys reading books ____ make you think. Anna is my friend ____ has got three cats. The homework ____ our Maths teacher gives us is always so difficult!

U-11-12 Revision Gr+Vocab


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