1) This car isn't ---. a) enough fast b) fast enough 2) You are --- to win a marathon. a) too slow b) slow enough c) enough slow 3) The weather is ---. a) too cold b) enough cold 4) I can’t hear you. They’re speaking ---. a) enough loudly b) too loud c) too loudly 5) My sister is --- to watch this film. a) enough young b) too young 6) She isn't ---. a) enough old to drive b) old enough to drive c) old enough for drive 7) I didn't drink ---. a) enough water b) water enough c) too water 8) There aren't --- everyone. a) chairs enough to b) enough chairs for c) chairs enough for 9) The cat wasn't --- the mouse. a) enough fast to catch b) fast enough to catching c) fast enough to catch 10) He didn't feel --- to play. a) well enough b) enough well 11) This house is ---. a) too expensive to us to buy b) too expensive for us to buying c) too expensive for us to buy 12) We didn't have ---. a) information enough b) enough information c) too information

New Horizons - B1 - Grammar - Lesson 36 - Practice - Ex. 1


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