Alexander Carpenter works ____ sales, and he’s a regional manager. He ____ the north-west region and he’s ____ for a small team of five other sales people. His job ____ a lot of travelling within the region, and he’s in contact with his team on a day-to- ____ basis. It’s not a nine-to- ____ job: Alexander has to do a lot of ____ . Fortunately he can ____ a lot more money by doing this, and his working ____ are quite good. After income ____ he makes £60,000 ____ year. Recently his wife had a baby, but the company gave him extra time ____ to be with her after the birth.Kelly Bradbury is a financial adviser for a bank. She specialises in mortgages, which means that she ____ people who want to buy a flat or a house. At the moment Kelly spends a lot of her time ____ with young people who are trying to buy a property for the first time, which is not easy. She works ____ hours – 9 am to 5 pm – and she doesn’t have to ____ overtime.




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