chickened out - I wanted to try dirt biking while I was on holiday but at the last moment I *** ., keep up - Lisa hadn't trained enough and found it difficult to *** with other runners during the marathon., work off - I ate too much at the birthday party this Saturday. Now I must *** that cake!, dropped out - Despite boasting that he would be the champion, Eli *** after the second round., give up - One way in which sports help you build yourself up as a person is that they encourage you to never ***, rooted for - We all *** the new team as they fought really hard to beat their opponents, who were last season's champions. , knocked out - England was *** of the World Cup by West Germany., take up - If you're unfit, why don't you *** dancing? It's fun to do and useful for the whole body!, let down - By missing that goal, he *** the whole team down!, work out - It's best to *** twice or three times a week to maintain a healthy work-to-rest ratio.,

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