1) Bill Gates was born on 28th of October. He ___________ reading as a child and did very well in maths and science at school. a) wanted b) enjoyed c) hoped 2) He went to Harvard University to study law in 1973, but he _____ more time on computers than in the classroom. a) spent b) made c) took 3) In 1975, he left university without ________ his studies and started Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. a) closing b) finishing c) testing 4) Microsoft grew quickly to _______ one of the biggest companies in the world and soon Bill Gates was one of the world's richest men. a) go b) happen c) become 5) In 1994, he married Melinda French in Hawaii. Six years ______, he and his wife started the Bill and Melinda Foundation because they wanted to do good things with their money. a) later b) soon c) next 6) This company ______ people all over the world with health and education. a) sees b) gives c) helps




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