Are you a fearful person? Why? Why not? , What was the most frightening experience in your life? , Are you afraid of getting ill or going to the doctor's? , Are you afraid of heights? Why? Why not? , How do you react when you get frightened? , Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Why? Why not? , Do you like horror films? How often do you see them? , What are your biggest fears in life? , Are you afraid of the dark? Why? Why not? , Do you have nightmares? How often?, Are you afraid of black magic? Why? Why not? , Are you a superstitious person? , Do you fear any animals? What animals? , Do you like travelling alone? Why? Why not? , Do you know anyone with a phobia? , Do you think people can be cured of phobias? How? , When was the last time somebody or something scared you? , Do you know anyone who suffers from arachnophobia?, Do you dread public speaking? Have you ever made a speech or done a presentation? , What is the scariest horror film you've ever seen? , Have you ever visited a haunted house? , What fears did you have when you were a child? .


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