1) What ____ she like doing? She likes playing volleyball. a) does b) do c) is 2) Where __ the cat? It's under the bed. a) are b) do c) is 3) What are they ____? They're watching a video. a) do b) doing c) does 4) What's he doing? He's ____ paper. a) cut b) cutting c) doing 5) What does he like doing? He ____ flying a kite. a) likes b) like c) love 6) Where is a dog? It's ____ two rabbits. a) in b) between c) behind 7) What's he doing? He's ____ a) doing b) cutting c) counting 8) What do you like doing? I like ____ my bike a) reading b) ride c) riding 9) What does he like doing? He ___ playing computer games a) like b) likes c) play 10) What does she like doing? She ____ ice skating a) likes b) love c) like 11) What do you like doing? I ___ drawing a) likes b) draw c) like 12) Where's a dog? It's ____ the tree. a) between b) behind c) in front of 13) Where's a lamp? It's ____ the computer. a) between b) on c) next to 14) Where's a baby? It's ____ the TV a) behind b) in front of c) in 15) Where's dad? He's __ kitchen a) on b) in c) in front of




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