1) This watch is not _____. It's my brother's. a) I b) me c) my d) mine 2) Those coloured pencils are ______. They love drawing pictures. a) your  b) her c) theirs d) our 3) Which T-shirt is _______? -- The one over there, on the bed. a) your b) yours c) you d) my 4) My sister loves sweets. These cakes and chocolates are ______. a) hers b) her c) she d) mine 5) A crocodile has a long tail. _______ tail is really long. a) It's b) His c) Its d) Her 6) Are these your doughnuts? -- Yes, they are ______. But you can help yourself to one if you like. a) ours b) my c) her d) we 7) I think it's Tom's bike. -- Yes, this bike is _______ . a) my b) yours c) mine d) his 8) This is my sister's bedroom. It's ______ bedroom. a) his b) her c) hers d) its 9) We have a loving and caring parents. _____ parents are really cool! a) My b) Ours c) Mine d) Our 10) Can you feed the parrot, please? ______ food is on the shelf. a) It b) Hers c) Its d) It's

Possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns - quiz




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