• what are the most popular cities your country; • what your city, town or village is famous for; • what your favourite place in your city, town or village is, and why you like it; • whether you are going to stay in your city, town or village after leaving school or move to another place, and why., • how many people in Russia use the Internet nowadays; • why today’s teenagers use the Internet so much; • how the Internet makes long-distance communication easier; • what dangers teenagers can face when they use the Internet., • how the Internet has changed our world; • why using the Internet is so popular; • how the Internet can help students in their studies; • whether the Internet can be dangerous, and why., • what people travel for; • why most people like travelling; • which season is the best for travelling in your opinion; • what means of transport are the best, and why., • why a lot of people like to get a good education; • what job you want to do in the future; • what two subjects you think are the most important for your future job, and why; • whether your family approve of your career choice or not., • what school do you go to; • what your typical school day is like; • what your favourite subject is, and why; • what you like most about your school., • whether homework is important, and why, or why not; • how long it takes you to do your homework; • what subject you usually start with, and why; • whether schoolchildren should be given more or less homework, and why., • whether reading is still popular with teenagers, and why, or why not; • what kind of mass media modern teenagers enjoy reading; • what kind of books you like reading; • why many people prefer e-books to paper books.,


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