1) _______ do you like doing in your free time? a) Why b) Where c) What 2) ________ you like hockey? a) Does b) Do c) Can 3) ______your sister like pizza? a) Do b) Can c) Does 4) I like cakes but I ........... pizza with cheese. a) like b) prefer c) eat 5) You like cakes. _________ about pizza with salami? a) How b) Why c) Do 6) Let's make some pizza. ________ idea! a) Hate b) Do c) Great 7) _______ too! (Ja też!) a) Her b) Me c) How 8) I hate them, _______ (też) a) but b) too c) well 9) Kasia doesn't do her homework. She is________ a) hard-working b) late c) lazy 10) Police officers aren't scared of criminals. They are very__________ a) brave b) bored c) calm 11) Art lessons aren't interesting so I'm often ______ a) bored b) brave c) late 12) My mother is very patient. She never gets _________ with us. a) scared b) angry c) lazy 13) My school bus is often late in the morning. It is never ________ a) polite b) punctual c) excited 14) It is my birthday, so I'm very ________. I can't wait my party. a) sad b) bored c) excited

JE 5 u1 Preferences and adjectives




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