1) It's sunny today. You __________ take an umbrella. a) has to b) don't have to c) have to 2) Lisa __________ be late for school. a) mustn't b) doesn't have to c) ought to 3) Does your friend ___________ wear a uniform? a) have to b) has to c) should 4) People ____________ feed the animals at the zoo. It's forbidden. a) mustn't b) have to c) don't have to 5) I _____________ leave now. I don't want to be late. a) shouldn't b) mustn't c) have to 6) You __________ eat sweets. They are unhealthy. a) shouldn't b) must c) don't have to 7) What do you ___________ do on Saturday? a) should b) have to c) must 8) You ____________ cross the street when the light is red. a) shouldn't b) mustn't c) have to 9) There is no milk in the fridge. We ___________ go to the shop. a) don't have to b) have to c) doesn't have to 10) It's cold outside. I think you _____________ wear a hat. a) should b) shouldn't c) don't have to


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