1)  how many hours a week do you watch TV? 2) what do you dislike most about TV? 3) why do people spend time watching TV? 4) what do most teenagers prefer: watching TV or browsing the Internet, and why? 5) Is there a TV programme you really like? 6) Is watching TV still a popular pastime with teenagers, and why, or why not? 7) How many TV-sets are there in your house? 8) Who watches most TV in your family? 9) What kind of TV programmes do you like? 10) Would you like to take part in a TV show, for example, a quiz show? Why? 11) Does a career on TV attract you? Why? Why not? 12) What TV programmes are popular in your family? 13) Do you prefer TV or the Internet? 14) What TV programmes would you recommend your friends watch?


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