1) Football is _______________________ than tennis. a) more popular b) the most popular c) popularest 2) Football is ________________________ sport in the world. a) more popular b) the most popular c) most popular 3) Janice is ________________________ than her sister.  a) harder -working b) the most hard - working c) more hard - working 4) This is ____________________ book I've read. a) the saddest b) sadder c) sad 5) What is ______________________ building in your town? a) taller b) the taller c) the tallest 6) Which is the ____________________ animal in the world? a) more dangerous b) the most dangerous c) the more dangerous 7) She's _____________________ girl in their class. a) the prettiest  b) the most pretty c) the prettyest 8) The weather this summer is even ______________________ than last year. a) worst b) worse c) the worst 9) It's ____________________ today than it was yesterday. a) sunnier b) sunnyer c) the sunniest 10) Neptune is ___________________ planet. a) the farther b) the farthest c) farther

Year 4 Comparison of adjectives




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