1) Every Sunday 2 teams ...... football in this stadium! a) play b) are playing c) plays d) played 2) Be ready, we ..... the game in 10 min a) start b) will start c) started d) has started 3) Look! Player 13 .... to the ball! So fast! a) ran b) has run c) runs d) is running 4) Number 10, you play awful! He ...... an operation on his right leg and still can't run well. a) had b) has had c) did d) will have 5) Such a dangerous moment! We .... the same combination last summer! a) saw b) see c) have seen d) were seeing 6) Join the broadcast even if you're late! Teams ....... for 7 min, we continue the game a) will be playing b) are playing c) have been playing d) have played 7) This guy is really good at football. He said he ...... yesterday from 7 am till 9 pm a) trained b) was training c) has trained d) had trained 8) Before he joined this football club, he ..... with other team. a) had worked b) has worked c) was working d) worked 9) Oh no, the time is over, the game .......! a) will finish b) has just finished c) finished d) was finishing


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