rise from a low social status - have humble beginnings, come from a high social class - come from a privileged background, when good and bate alternate - have ups and downs, feel uncomfortable / worried / anxious (close to embarrassed) - feel ill at ease, easily embarrassed and nervous - self-conscious, be confident and self-assured - feel comfortable in one's own skin, change your ideas or behavior in order to deal with a new situation - adapt to changes, change radically - undergo a complete transformation, change very slowly and step-by-step - experience a gradual shift in smth / evolve, make minor changes - make some alterations / adjustments, stay with smb / continue doing smth - stick with smth/ smb, be thoroughly planned for times ahead - be mapped out, be exactly what was expected, fully deliver, - live up to expectations (or fail to..), add excitement or interest to smth - add a bit of spice, be disappointed because dreams that a person had did not come true - have a feeling of disillusionment, try hard but make no progress - tread water, be overprotected - be cocooned , fully understand the severity of the circumstances - grasp the harsh reality, be easy to recognize and quite distinct. - be clear-cut, not have the qualities of a grown-up person - lack maturity, not as good as everyone says - not all it's cracked up to be,


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