1) I've --- three coffees today. a) had b) been having 2) Mom’s --- since 5 o’clock. a) shopped b) been shopping 3) I've --- emails all day. a) written b) been writing 4) Sarah has --- 3 dresses. a) bought b) been buying 5) How many donuts have you ---? a) eaten b) been eating 6) She’s --- for 15 minutes. a) run b) been running 7) How long has Greg ---? a) slept b) been sleeping 8) Tom’s --- ten glasses of water! a) drunk b) been drinking 9) My sister’s --- 'The King's Speech' about six times. a) seen b) been seeing 10) It’s --- for 3 hours. a) rained b) been raining 11) Suzy’s --- chocolate all morning and now she feels sick. a) eaten b) been eating 12) Simon’s --- six books. a) written b) been writing




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