Thousands of tourists visit Edinburgh every year. The capital of Scotland is ____ for its history and architecture. FAME It’s one of the ____ centres of the country. CULTURE The main ____ of the city is Edinburgh Castle. ATTRACT It was built in the 12th century but it still looks magnificent and very ____ IMPRESS There are many historic monuments in Edinburgh. One of them is an unusual monument to Walter Scott, a well-known ____ WRITE The city streets are usually full of noisy tourists with cameras but if you want a quiet holiday, you can have it too - the beautiful and ____ countryside is just round the corner. PEACE There are pills for everything. If you can't sleep you take a pill. If you're depressed or just ____ you can also take a pill. HAPPY These days scientists are developing a new pill that you can use for improving your ____ FIT It will have the same effect on people’s bodies as doing sports. The ____ experiments on mice have given wonderful results. SCIENCE The animals got stronger and healthier without any exercise. However, some doctors think that such pills can be ____ for health, especially in certain situations. DANGER The problem is that there will be people who may use the pill unwisely. For example, young girls who want to lose weight and get slim may take several pills at once. It will be very ____ for their health. HARM That’s why our government should think a lot before making the ____ that allows the medicine to be produced. DECIDE No matter what doctors say, it’s just ____ to live without a mobile phone today. POSSIBLE It has become a very ____ device and people can’t do without it. USE It makes our life ____ and saves time. COMFORT People can get in touch with each other quickly. Mobile phones make ____ easier. COMMUNICATE Foreign languages improve memory and develop ____. IMAGINE People who are able to speak two or more languages ____ are usually more successful than their monolingual colleagues. FLUENT They are more ____ and they are better in solving conflicts as they are able to accept new ideas and different points of view. CREATE Foreign languages make life more ____ and colourful. INTEREST British cuisine is simple. Puddings, stews, pies and breads are ____ British dishes. Many of them are cooked and eaten on holidays. TRADITION The choice of dishes has been influenced by the climate, history and ____ position of the country. GEOGRAPHY Scotland is known for its ____ meat dishes and cakes. Wales has a strong fishing culture. As a result, Welsh cookery includes a lot of seafood, such as shrimps and crabs. TASTE However, nowadays most British restaurants offer food from ____ parts of the world. DIFFER How do people learn the news? About a century ago people got ____ from newspapers since they were the only mass media that existed in those times. INFORM Radio and television seemed ____ inventions as they broadcasted audio and visual images. WONDER The Internet has changed the situation dramatically. Now the audience has an opportunity to create the news, share their ____ knowledge and express their opinions. PERSON And what about the newspapers? Will they ____ in the near future? APPEAR The main character is a rat Remy, who is interested in cooking and dreams of becoming a ____ chef. SUCCESS Remy is separated from his family at the ____ of the movie. BEGIN So he finds himself in Paris, France. There his unusual ____ with a poor boy begins. They both don’t care that most people hate rats and try to get rid of them. FRIEND Remy wants to help the boy. He tries to teach him how to cook ____ dishes. TASTE The story ends ____ and the friends start a new restaurant. HAPPY Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It has an ____ airport with flights from London and European capitals. NATIONAL Dublin is a ____ and cosmopolitan city. BEAUTY Dublin is a green city. It is such a pleasure to walk there on a hot ____ day. SUN Is it a police officer, a detective or a news ____? Well, statistics say it is a London taxi driver. REPORT If we sit in a traffic jam for a few minutes, we start feeling ____ and irritated. But imagine you had to do that every day as your job! NERVE And you have to remain ____ and attentive in spite of everything. CARE I loved it. I worked ____ after school and at weekends. It made about twenty hours a week. DAY One of the most ____ things about the bakery was that I could eat all I wanted there. FANTASY Mrs. Bradley, the ____ of the bakery, was a very nice woman. She had no children and she treated me like her own granddaughter. OWN I liked her too and did my best to be as ____ as possible. HELP Four judges and the public decide who stays in the ____ and who leaves. COMPETE The show demonstrates how glamorous ballroom dancing is. The celebrities wear ____ dresses and suits COLOUR




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