1) A: Have you got any plans for tomorrow? - B: --- a) Yes, I’m going to visit my grandparents. b) Yes, I’ll visit my grandparents. 2) A: Why is Terry learning French? - B: --- a) He’s going to travel to France. b) He’ll travel to France. 3) A: I’m thirsty. - B: --- a) Wait here. I’m going to get some water. b) Wait here. I’ll get some water. 4) A: Vanilla or strawberry? - B: --- a) I’m going to have strawberry ice cream, please. b) I’ll have strawberry ice cream, please. 5) A: What does Meg want the keys for? - B: --- a) She’s going to open the door. b) She’ll open the door. 6) A: We need one more player. - B: --- a) Are you going to play with us tomorrow? b) Will you play with us tomorrow?




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