Do you want to come and see the new Sofia Coppola film? - I`ve already seen it. , Have you done your English homework? - No, not yet. I`m going to do it tonight., What time`s your mum leaving for work? - She`s already left., Would you like a cup of coffee? - No, thanks. I`ve just had one. , Why can`t we have chips for dinner? - Because you have already had them three times this week., What`s her new best friend like? - I don`t know. I haven`t met him yet., I love your shoes! - Thanks! I`ve just bought them., You look really sleepy.  - Yes, I know! I`ve just got up. , Don`t forget to buy some milk. - Don`t worry! I`ve already been to the supermarket. , Your hair looks nice! - Thanks. I`ve just washed it. ,

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