1) What did you do yesterday? 2) When did you buy your computer? (buy---bought) 3) Did you drink juice yesterday? 4) Did you ride your bike yesterday? 5) Did you read a book this month? 6) Where were you at 15:00 yesterday? 7) What did you buy yesterday? 8) What did you eat for dinner yesterday evening? 9) Were you at school 2 days ago? 10) What did you watch yesterday? 11) Did you do your homework yesterday? 12) What did you eat for breakfast today morning? 13) two years ago 14) Yesterday I didn't... 15) Last year I..... 16) Four days ago I..... 17) The day before yesterday I.... 18) Last week I.... 19) Last Monday I.... 20) An hour ago I .... 21) Did you meet with friends this week?




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