1) He makes --- happy. a) me b) myself c) his 2) Did you paint it by ---? a) yourselfes b) you c) yourself 3) I didn't call ---. a) you b) myself c) yourself 4) Wait for ---! a) ourselves b) us c) himself 5) I carried this box by ---. a) yourself b) myself c) me 6) Fiona lives there by ---. a) her b) herselves c) herself 7) Can you hear ---? a) it b) itself c) mine 8) We bought --- a van. a) us b) ourself c) ourselves 9) I will call --- tomorrow. a) yourself b) herself c) her 10) Peter built --- a hut. a) him b) himself c) hiself 11) They cooked it by ---. a) themselves b) them c) themselfes 12) I didn't know ---. a) him b) himself c) me 13) This car belongs to ---. a) mine b) them c) their 14) You must go by ---. a) yourselves b) yourselfes c) ourselfes 15) The fire went out by ---. a) themselves b) himself c) itself


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