1) I can …… people's faces, but not their names. a) remember b) recall c) remind d) realize e) find out 2) Could you …… Paul about dinner on Saturday? a) remember b) recall c) remind d) realise e) find out 3) His paintings are vaguely .... of Picasso's. a) memorable b) reminiscent c) reminding d) recalling 4) "Do you …… (that) this is the third time you've forgotten?" she said angrily. a) recall b) realize c) remember d) remind e) find out 5) First of all, we have to …… if he has any relatives in Nottingham. a) remember b) find out c) recall d) remind e) realize 6) As I ......, you're not on the board, Joe; you're only a minor shareholder a) recall b) remind c) find out d) realize 7) Hearing these songs can still ..... strong memories and emotions. a) remind b) reminisce c) find out d) evoke 8) Pat has vivid ..... of the trip. a) reminders b) recollections c) findings d) realizations 9) When he closed his eyes, he could .... up in exact colour almost every event of his life a) conjure b) remember c) recall d) reminisce 10) I have many happy memories of sitting with him and ... about the good old days. a) recalling b) reminiscing c) reminding d) remembering 11) May I ... you that rejecting to be microchipped is likely to entail much more than just a bullet in you brain. a) recall b) realize c) remember d) remind




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