1) Mr Benson was ... of a small museum in a town in England. a) director b) manager c) reseptionist 2) Mr Benson's favourite exhibit was a golden statue of a cat. It was in a glass ... and, of course, there was an .... a) box, bell b) case, alarm c) cube, alarm 3) While Mr Benson was coming back home from a party, a cat ran across the street and Mr Benson stopped quickly: ... he said. a) Wow! b) What on Earth was that?! c) That was close! 4) Mr Benson went to the museum and ... that the statue of the cat was missing, though the alarm was fine and the case locked. a) found out b) knew c) remembered 5) His ... daughter decided to stay in the museum for... a) eight-year-old, a week b) eight-year-old, a night c) seven-year-old, a night 6) She opened the ... and the cat ... after midnight. a) door, appeared b) case, came back c) window, came back

The secret of Egyptian cat




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