Have you ever done a new activity that took you out of your comfort  zone?, How long have you been studying English?, Are you a creature of habit? Why? Why not?, What do you do every weekend?, Do you often go away during school holidays?, Have you ever started a new hobby and given it up because it wasn't really you? , What have you been waiting to do for ages, but haven't tried yet?, Have you ever done something that was a real eye-opener?, What's the most interesting hobby you have ever done?, Is there anything that your friend does that is always annoying you?, Do you always follow your gut instinct?, What's your favourite way to spend your free time?, What hobby have you been doing since you were young?, What's the most challenging thing you have ever done?, Are you reading a good book or watching a good TV series at the moment?, Have you ever auditioned or wanted to audition something?.

GExp B2 Unit 1 Vocab p 8-9


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