I didn't go to school yesterday because I wasn't feeling very well, I was watching TV last night when I heard a strange noise upstairs, While I was reading my book,the lights suddenly went off, The men were robbing the bank when the police arrested them, Last night I had dinner and then I did my homework, We saw the police chasing some men when we were walking to school, The man stole my mobile phone while I wasn't looking, The phone rang five times but nobody answered it, Ben and I went to the cinema last weekend and we saw the new James Bond film, While Jane was driving to work, a dog suddenly ran in front of her car, I was riding my bike in the park last week when I fell off and broke my arm, Janice and I were playing tennis when she slipped and hurt her knee, I was swimming in the sea when two beautiful dolphins appeared, As I was writing an email my computer stopped working, While we were waiting for the bus, we played a game of 20 questions, We wanted to see the concert so we went online to look for tickets,

Unit 02 Past Simple/Past Continuous


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