1) I ____ and my legs are really tired now. a) 've you been cycling b) 've cycled 2) I'm sorry I'm late, ____ for a long time? a) have you waited b) have you been waiting 3) How long ____ Peter? a) have you known b) have you been knowing 4) Somebody ____ my cookies. There are none left. a) has been eating b) has eaten 5) Somebody ____ my cookies. There are very few left. a) has eaten b) has been eating 6) How many books ____ ? a) has she been writing b) has she written 7) She must be tired. She ____ all afternoon. a) has written b) has been writing 8) I ____ all afternoon. I ____ 5 chapters. a) 've read / 've been wiriting b) 've been reading / 've read 9) I think I ____ chocolate since I was born. a) 've liked b) 've been liking 10) They ____ for months, and they ____ three countries so far. a) have travelled / have been visiting b) have been travelling / have visited

Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous - Ex 1 (test-english.com)




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