Where did you spend your last summer holidays?, What did you do during your holidays?, What holidays do you like more (summer or winter holidays) and why?, When do you have your school holidays in Russia?, Which holidays are the shortest?, Which holidays are your favourite and why?, How long does it take you to get to your school?, What clothes do you wear to school?, How do you spend time with your school friends?, Do any students in your class sometimes come too late to school?, What are their usual reasons for coming late?, Is there any punishment for latecomers at your school and what is it?, Do Russian schoolchildren wear uniform in school?, Do you have a uniform in your school?, Do you think wearing a uniform is necessary for students, why?, What do you like most about your school?, What school clubs do you have?, Have you joined any of your school clubs, why?, What do you like most about your school?, Have you got a lot of friends at school?, What do you usually do with your school friends in your free time?.


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