1) Where is Ewa's memory stick? a) His memory stick in on the table. b) Her memory stick is on the desk. c) Our memory stick is in the floor. d) Their memory stick is on the shelf. 2) Whose cap is it? a) It's Timons. b) Its Timon's c) It's Timon's d) Its Timon 3) What ... those? a) is b) are c) am d) has 4) What is ...? a) these b) those c) that d) her e) this 5) It's a waste of ... a) trousers b) time c) money 6) Hubert and Mark are here.  These are ... chargers. a) his b) her c) their d) our e) your f) my 7) How much ... ... T'shirt? a) are this b) is this c) are these d) this is 8) How much ... ... socks? a) is this b) are these c) is that d) are those 9) Whose book is it? a) It's Johns book. b) There're John's books. c) It's John's book 10) A: Thanks B:Here you ... a) is b) are c) am d) come




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