I'll never forget - visiting Rome for the first time., My sister forgot - sending me a Birthday card and sent me one more!, I remember - swimming like a dog before I learned to swim properly., You should remember - to always wash your hands once you're home., Some people regret - wasting their time on education and wish they'd gone to work instead., The council regrets - to inform you that your application has been declined., Stop - hanging out with that crowd. They are no good for you., We should stop - to have a snack. I'm starving!, I tried - to remember all the new words but learned only about 10., If you have difficulty remembering new words, try - thinking of funny sentences with them., After graduation, he went on - studying and got a Master's degree in 2 years., Despite her disability, she went on - to become a prominent figure both in her country and worldwide., Look at yourself! Your clothes really need - washing., You need - to wash your clothes if you're planning on wearing them tomorrow.,


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