The hotel was very nice and _________ very close to the beach. LOCATE - was located, We set off early in the morning and our adventure ___________. BEGIN - began, I found mum in the kitchen. She _______ dinner. COOK - was cooking, The teacher asked me a question but I ________the answer. NOT KNOW - didn't know, I wish it _________ raining. STOP - stopped, If only I _________ rich! BE - were, Look! I _________ my car keys! They were under the bed. FIND - have found, He ________ his key and now he can't get into the house. LOSE - has lost, When Dad asked about the new school Tracy answered that she actually ____ it. LIKE - liked, The phone's screen _______ and it was obviously dead.BREAK - was broken, I checked the window. It ____ . CLOSE - was closed, “I _________BUY_________ special sunglasses for skiing,” Linda boasted to her father. - have bought, Dad turned back to his computer. He ________PREPARE__________ a presentation - was preparing, Tim couldn’t read what _________PRINT_________ there – the letters were too small. - was printed, “Look, it’s my birthday this Saturday and I ______NOT/INVITE______ you yet. Will you come?” she said quietly. - haven't invited, "We are busy. We ______SOLVE______ Maths problems, can’t you see?” - are solving, “I ______COME______ on Saturday,” Kate said suddenly. “What time is your party?” - will come, When Dr. James ________DRIVE__________ slowly to work, he saw an accident. - was driving, I ________CALL__________ 911 already. - have called, Liz _________MAKE_________ sandwiches when Carlos came into the kitchen. - was making,


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