Linda could see diagrams on the screen. They _________DRAW_________ in different colours which made them look complicated. - were drawn, Liz brought in a cake. The cake __________DECORATE________ with chocolates and jellies - was decorated, The box _________MAKE_________ of wood and had colourful stones on the top. - was made, “If the box was mine, I ________ALLOW__________ you to touch it whenever you wanted,” I answered. - would allow, “Good job,” Jane said, “We ________CLEAN__________ half of the park. - have cleaned, She’s out. She _________WALK_________ in the park.” - is walking, It was very cold out-of-doors and everything _________COVER_________ in snow but Kim’s mother walked in all weathers. - was covered, When is she going to be back?” “She normally _________COME_________ home at five.” - comes, If I _________BE_________ older, I would explain to that lady how to talk to people politely.” - were, Her days were usually very busy but at weekends she ________FEEL__________ bored and lonely. - felt, He also said that she _________BE_________ creative and had imagination - was, Emma said. “I promise that I _________COME_________ to visit you as soon as I can.” - will come, “No, I don’t know. I wouldn’t ask you if I ________KNOW__________.” - knew, “If I don’t invent a very good excuse, she ________CALL__________ my parents.” Paul thought. - will call, “Oh, no! I _________LEAVE_________ all my pens at home.” - have left, Bella said. “If I don’t find a proper pen, I _________WRITE_________ in green ink. - will write, The test was really long – the tasks _________PRINT_________ on both sides of the page! - were printed, I looked at his monitor and realized that he ____SURF___________ the Internet for job vacancies. - was surfing, “Why do you need a job?” I asked. “You ___EMPLOY____________ by Mr. Green only a week ago as far as I remember.” - were employed, Yes, I got a job of a waiter in his restaurant. But I _________LOSE_________ that job already. - have lost,


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