1) I ... (NEVER, BE) to Australia. Is it nice? a) was b) have never been c) haven't never been d) wasn't never 2) We ... (SEE) John and Pat yesterday. a) saw b) seen c) have seen d) see 3) Frank lives in England. He ... (LIVE) there since he was a child. a) live b) lived c) has lived d) have lived 4) ... (YOU / SEE) Monica? I'm looking for her. a) did you see b) were you see c) have you seen d) did you saw 5) The film ... (BEGIN) twenty minutes ago. a) begun b) began c) has begun d) have begun 6) I ... (NOT GO) to the doctor two days ago. a) not went b) haven't gone c) did not go d) wasn't go 7) My sister ... (NOT CALL) me yesterday. I'm disappointed. a) did not call b) has not called c) have not called d) did not called 8) I ... (NEVER, EAT) Chinese food. I don't know if I like it. a) has never eaten b) never ate c) have never eaten d) never have eaten  9) Last night I ... (GO) to the cinema with my friends. a) gone b) have gone c) went d) have went 10) Shhh! Be quiet, please. The children ... (JUST, GO) to bed. a) just went b) just gone c) has just gone d) have just gone 11) ... (YOU / SEE) the film on TV last night? It was really scary! a) did you see b) have you seen c) did you saw d) you seen 12) She ... (STUDY) English for ten years now. She speaks English perfectly. a) studies b) studied c) has studied d) have studied 13) I ... (STUDY) English three years ago. a) studyed b) studied c) have studied d) has studyed 14) They ... (BE) born in 1998. a) have been b) has been c) were d) was 15) ... (SHE, TRAVEL, EVER) to another country? a) has ever she travelled b) she ever travelled c) did she ever travel d) has she ever travelled 16) Please, don't throw away the newspaper. I ... (NOT READ) it yet. a) did not read b) has not read c) have not read d) was not read


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