What would you recommend to a teenager who wants to be a good friend? - I would recommend to this teenager to listen to more than speak. It’s also a good idea to support your friend, What book would you recommend to your friend who wants to read something for pleasure? - I would recommend reading books about Sherlock Holmes by Agatha Christie. It is not difficult to read and understand these books. Besides, the plot of Sherlock Holmes stories is splendid., What books do you prefer: printed books or e-books? - I prefer e-books. It’s more comfortable to have your library in a small device. We don’t need to have room to keep paper books., What would you recommend a person to do to improve his or her English language? - I would recommend to this person to see films in English with English subtitles. It helps to improve listening skills and vocabulary., What place in your country would you recommend a foreign tourist to visit? Why? - I would definitely recommend a foreign tourist to visit Moscow, because it is the greatest centre of cultural, economical, political life of Russia. There are lots of sights worth seeing here, and various events take place in Moscow every day., What language would you recommend to your English speaking friend to learn? - I would recommend to him/her to choose Chinese or another Asian language. These languages are very popular now in a business sphere.,

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