1) Bill _____ his grandmother yesterday. a) visit b) visits c) visited d) is visiting 2) Look! The seal ____ . a) clap b) claps c) clapped d) is clapping e) are clapping 3) My mother usually ____ our breakfast. a) cook b) cooks c) cooked d) is cooking e) am cooking f) are cooking 4) We ____ at the zoo last week. a) be b) am c) is d) are e) was f) were 5) Jack's brother always _____ at him. a) is laughing b) laughed c) laugh d) laughs 6) We _____ in the park last Sunday. a) walk b) walks c) walked d) is walking e) are walking 7) I ____ my room every day. a) clean b) cleans c) cleaning 8) Where ______? a) you live b) do you live c) you do live d) is live e) are live f) are you living 9) Did you ____ football last week? a) play b) plays c) played d) playing 10) The monkey didn't ____ this tree yesterday. a) climb b) climbs c) climbed d) climbing

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