Tell me about your typical day., Tell me about what you do at work., Tell me about the last time you felt really excited., Tell me about your last holiday., Tell me about your plans for this month., What do you usually do when you feel bored?, Have you ever been to a famous capital city?, Tell me about the last time you met your best friend., What would you do if you lost your mobile phone?, What were you doing yesterday at 7 p.m.?, What do you do when you catch a cold?, Tell me about the next thing you would like to buy., Tell me about something that you need to change in your house or flat., Tell me about your childhood., How long have you been studying English?, Would you like to live and work abroad? If so, where?, Do you think AI (Artificial Intelligence) will take over most human jobs in the future?, Are you learning a new skill, apart from English, at the moment?, Do you like doing sports? If so, which ones?, What do you remember from primary school?.


Cartes aléatoires est un modèle à composition non limitée. Il ne génère pas de points pour un classement.



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