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flew - past tense of fly , flu - an illness; like a cold but worse! , too - in addition; Ex: I want one ____! , two - more than one, mail - the system used to send letters , male - a boy, deer - a mammal that may have antlers, dear - highly valued  ex: I love my ______ grandmother! , for - a purpose Ex: This is ____ you. , four - a number greater than 3 , see - to pay attention ex: Oh! I _____ it! , sea - another word for ocean, knight - a warrior from the past , night - the time when there is no sunlight , plain - no decoration , plane - transportation in the sky, tale - a story , tail - found on the rear end of an animal like a monkey , weak - no strength, week - seven days in a row, rode - past tense of ride, road - a place cars can travel ,


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