quote sb a price - to tell a customer the price you will charge them for a service or product, paid on arrival - the payment that is required after the goods have been delivered, an invoice reference number - the number which refers to a specific invoice and by which the invoice can be found in the register, payment terms - the conditions of a sales agreement that concern how the customer will pay, and especially how much time is allowed for payment, invoice - to send someone an invoice, a penalty - an amount of money someone has to pay if they do not keep to a legal agreement, especially an agreement with a bank or an insurance company, a letter of credit (L/C) - an official letter from a bank allowing a particular person to take money from another bank, a guaranteed payment - a payment meant to compensate a partner for services rendered or use of capital;essentially, they are the equivalent of a salary for partners or limited liability company (LLC) members; these kinds of payments eliminate the risk of a partner making personal contributions of time or property and then never getting compensated if the partnership does not prove to be successful, an open account - an account which remains to be paid, demand payment in advance - require that the client must pay for a product or a service before the product is delivered or before the service is done, cash on delivery (COD) - when a buyer must pay for goods when they are delivered, prompt payment - a phrase used to describe the action of paying for something on or by the agreed the date, a reminder - a letter telling someone that they have not paid a bill, and must do so, a bank transfer - when money is sent, usually electronically, from an account in one bank to an account in another, delay payment - not pay on time, defer payment - withhold a payment until a later date, settle an account - pay your dues, overdue - not done, paid, returned etc by the time expected, accounting - the work of keeping a company’s financial records, recording its income and expenses, and its business deals, bookkeeping - the job or activity of recording the financial accounts of an organization, financial accounting - accounting concerned with the preparation of financial statements rather than with examining the costs and profits in each part of a business, management accounting - accounting that studies the costs and profits relating to different parts of a business, creative accounting - the process of using unusual but not illegal ways to change business accounts to make them look better than they really are, an internal audit - an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations., an external audit - an examination that is conducted by an independent accountant; this type of audit is most commonly intended to result in a certification of the financial statements of an entity,




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