1) He _______ my teeth. a) brushes b) brush c) have d) brushs 2) She ______ lunch. a) have b) has c) haves d) get 3) She ______ dressed. a) goes to b) get c) gets d) has 4) They____ in the park. a) play b) has c) plays d) go 5) He _____ breakfast. a) has b) eat c) have d) haves 6) He _____ up. a) have b) go to c) gets d) get 7) They ____ school. a) go to b) gets c) goes to d) gos to 8) She _____ dinner. a) has b) gets c) haves d) have 9) She ______ bed. a) gets b) goes to c) go to d) gos to




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