1) 1. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on .... a) February 14th b) July 4th c) March 17th 2) 2. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of.... a) Spain b) United States c) Ireland 3) 3. Saint Patrick was born in Wales, in year AD 389. When he was six some… kidnapped him. a) Friends b) Leprechauns c) Pirates 4) 4. Saint Patrick became a…… a) Slave b) Leprechaun c) Soldier 5) 5. After some years, he ran away to France and became a..... a) Priest b) Slave c) Soldier 6) 6. He returned to Ireland as a….. a) Bishop b) Fortune teller c) Leprechaun 7) 7. The legend says that in Ireland there were lots of…. a) snakes b) pots of gold c) wild lions 8) 8. People were…! a) happy b) scared c) hungry 9) 9. Saint Patrick knew how to get rid of the snakes. He took a … a) drum b) cheese c) gun 10) 10. He took all the …. to the top of a mountain and pushed them into the …. a) Cats - lake b) Snakes - Cave c) Snakes - Sea 11) 11. Saint Patrick used a …… to teach the Irish about Christianity. a) Shamrock b) Flower c) Bible 12) 12. In Ireland St. Patrick’s Day is an important…… a) Parade b) Celebration c) Religion 13) 13. There are lots of tricolor…. in the streets! a) Flags b) Shamrocks c) Leprechauns 14) 14. The Irish believe that ….. is a lucky color, so a lot of people wear this color on Saint Patrick’s Day! a) White b) Green c) Orange 15) 15. A famous symbol of Ireland is a kind of Irish fairy called… a) Tooth fairy b) Fairy Godmother c) Leprechaun 16) 16. The legend says that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the.... a) Clouds b) Rainbow c) Rainy day 17) 17. The traditional food on St. Patrick’s day is.... a) turkey and baked potatoes b) fish and chips c) corned beef with cabbage and Irish stew

Saint Patrick`s Day


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