1) I ___ he's rich. a) think b) 'm thinking c) thinks 2) I _____ this milk! a) don't want b) 'm not wanting c) doesn't want 3) My mother ____ the soup. a) is liking b) like c) likes 4) I ____ my Dad! He's over there! a) see b) sees c) see  5) This cloth ___ soft. a) feel b) feels c) is feeling 6) What _____ you ______ to make pizza? a) are ___ needing b) does ___ need c) do ___ need 7) I ___ holidays. a) love b) loves c) am loving 8) I _____ you! a) doesn't understand b) don't understand c) 'm not understanding 9) Listen! ____ you _____ the music? a) Do ___ hear_ b) Are ___ hearing_ c) Does ___ hear 10) She ____ tidying her room! a) hates b) is hating c) hate




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