1) She (not / study) ______________ at the moment. a) doesn't study b) isn't studying 2) We often (go) ____________ to the park to play badminton. a) are going b) go 3) Sometimes he (not / drive) _________ to work. He (walk) ______________. a) doesn't drive / walks b) isn't driving / is walking 4) They (not / eat) _________ rice every day. a) don't eat b) aren't eating 5) We (not / study) ________ every evening. a) aren't studying b) don't study 6) (She / go) _________ to Scotland every year? a) Is she going...? b) Does she go...? 7) (He / fly) ________________ to London next week? a) Is he flying...? b) Does he fly...? 8) We (go) __________ to the theatre this weekend. a) are going b) go 9) (You / play) ________________ volleyball this Saturday? a) Do you play...? b) Are you playing...? 10) He (not / go) ________________ to the park very often. a) isn't going b) doesn't go 11) (You / listen) __________ to your teacher right now? a) Do you listen...? b) Are you listening...? 12) How often ___________ (your sister / come) home from university? a) does your sister come b) is your sister coming 13) The girls ____________ (not / do) any sport. They prefer to watch TV. a) don't do b) aren't doing 14) Sorry, he can't answer now. He ___________ (have) a shower. a) has b) is having 15) I ___________ (not tidy) my bedroom now. I _____________ a comic. a) don't tidy / draw b) am not tidying / am drawing




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