The Prime minister ____ criticised for his recent actions. When I walked past the Wilsons' house, their new sofa ____ being delivered. Our teacher ____ told us to take our favourite book to school tomorrow. I think my mobile ____ been stolen! Jonathan ____ chosen to play the lead role in the school play. I'm sleeping downstairs because my bedroom ____. This picture ____ probably taken during the winter. Your essays must ____ handed in on Friday morning. Someone ____ left their wallet on the floor. Did you hear about the bank ____ robbed? Treasure Island ____ written by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was a real shock when my dad ____ fired from his job. The Vikings had visited America before it ____ discovered by Columbus. When we got to the airport, we learned that our flight ____ been delayed. ____ your ticket for the concert tomorrow paid for by you or your parents?




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