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Composition - A whole picture that is balanced and pleasing. An arrangement, Symmetry - When two sides or halves are nearly the same, Symbol - A simple sign which stands for something, Scale - The size of an object next to others, Foreground/Background - The front of a composition and that which is behind it, Focal point - Centre of interest or activity in a work of art, Texture - The way things feel and appear, Pattern - When shapes, colours or lines are repeated or gathered together, Perspective - A way of making a drawing or painting look deep and real. A method of making things appear near of far, Shape - The outline or form of something. A area enclosed by a line, Line - A single long mark made by a tool , Colour - The element of art that is produced when light, striking an object, is reflected back to the eye., Hue - The name we give to a colour or shade, Space - The distance around and between things, Sketch - A rough drawing. A small scale trial run to see if an idea works, 3 Dimensional (3D) - Having length, width and depth. Something which is solid and looks good. , 2 Dimensional (2D) - Having length and width only, something which is flat, Rhythm - A regular measured beat. In art this can be shown as repeat shapes, patterns or colours , Motif - A part of a repeated pattern or design, Tone - Different degrees of lightness and darkness, Graphic - A clear 2D image, Figurative - Works of art in which we can easily recognise objects from the world we know, Medium - The tools and materials used by an artist, Form - The solid 3 dimensional shape, Contrast - Arrangement of opposite elements (light vs. dark, rough vs. smooth textures, large vs. small shapes, etc.) to create visual interest, excitement and drama,

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