you (not / wear) your trainers today, How often (you / tidy) your bedroom ?, How often (you / use ) your computer?, We (not get up) early on Sundays, Marcus (download) music now, What (you do) at the moment ?, My aunt (live) in London and (teach) Maths, Tom and Max (not study ) now, I (have lunch) now, My parents (not work) this morning, My dog (sleep) now, Tina (run) in the park at the moment, I (use ) my computer at the moment, My mum (cook) the dinner now, My dad (put) the rubbish out twice a week, I (feed) the dog twice a day, My parents (do) the shopping every Saturday, My brother (not tidy) his bedroom on Saturdays, Where (your grandma) live ?, Where (your mum) work ?, My friend (love) music and films, Where's Lisa? She (talk) on the phone, What's that noise? My baby brother (cry), My dad (use) his computer every day, I (buy) new speakers today, (you / go) to Marta's party this evening?, My grandma always (watch TV) in the evening, My mum (hate) computer games, (you / download) music from the Internet?, (you / do) your homework on your computer?, (your dad / play) computer games?, I usually (go) to bed late on Saturday, Sarah (not eat) meat. She's a vegetarian, My cat (not / drink) milk. , My friend always (study) for 4 hours a day, I can't hear you. You (talk) very quietly, I (need) your help, Listen! They (play) your favourite song!, (your mum / like) horror films?, I (want) to buy new headphones, Why (you / laugh)?, Why (you / cry)?, (you use) computers at school?, What games (you / usually / play) online?, (you / use) your phone at school?, What (Marcus do) now?, (Tom wear) his new jeans today?, I (look) for a new printer, My sister (brush) her teeth, My dog (not / like) cats.


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