1) Linguistics ... fairly difficult. a) is b) are 2) Victor is my ... . We go to school together. a) schoolboy b) schoolmate 3) I don't want this drawing in the exercise book. Where is the ... ? a) ruler b) rubber 4) Where are my pupils? There are ... schoolchildren in the classroom. a) few b) little 5) Can you ... the time, please? a) tell b) say 6) Gerald and Andrew often ... about sports. a) tell b) talk 7) Never talk ... to your parents. a) back b) over 8) Max ... biology is his favourite subject. a) says b) tells 9) ... trainers are very fashionable a) This b) These 10) Who ... for the lunch last time? a) pays b) paid 11) There ... some glue on the table. a) is b) are 12) Are you sure ... it? a) in b) of 13) Why does the girl always ... lies? a) tell b) say 14) What ... did you make? Why did the teacher give you only a C? a) mark b) mistake 15) ... pair of leggins is a little longer. a) This b) These 16) Sophia never lies. She always ... the truth a) tells b) speaks 17) Emma's ... lay on the chair. a) form b) uniform 18) Where ... the scissors? a) are b) is 19) What was wrong with your test? Why is the ... so low? a) mark b) mistake 20) Andrew ... he bought a good dictionary yesterday. a) says b) tells 21) Statistics ... not a school subject. a) is b) are

Rainbow 7, Unit 1, Test


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